Here are some of our resources to learn more about the BUUF!

Unitarian Universalist Association

The Unitarian Universalist Association discusses its beliefs on this web page:

The Unitarian Universalist Association book store...

has a complete collection of books, pamphlets, music and educational materials on this subject. You are encouraged to visit!

Most Unitarian Universalists believe...

that nobody has a monopoly on all truth, or ultimate proof of the truth of everything in any one belief. Therefore, one's own truth is unprovable, as is that of others. Consequently, we should respect the beliefs of others, as well as their right to hold those beliefs.

The Unitarian Universalist Service Committee

It is a nonprofit, nonsectarian organization advancing human rights together with an international community of grassroots partners and advocates.  It focuses on enabling local resources to resolve issues whether it be social, economic or catastrophic disasters

Other sources of information...

100 Questions Non-Members ask about Unitarian Universalists This was written by a member of the UU Church of Nashua New Hampshire, John It is a fact filled booklet you can read on-line about UUism.

The MidAmerica Region offices of the UUA are a support and resource for BUUF and other UU associations in our area.  Our contact is located at  2355 Fairview Ave N #312, St Paul, MN 55113.  It’s phone contact is: (312) 636-9724.  The MidAmerica Region provides training, workshops and other resources to improve the UU groups in its area.